Reporting a Crime

Report any suspicious activity or persons to the Lexington Division of Police at 859 258-3600 or the Bluegrass Crime Stoppers at 859.253.2020.

For more helpful tips to keep you and your family safe, visit the Lexington Division of Police website.

Pinnacle Neighborhood Crime Safety Tips

Many neighbors have inquired how to help better protect their property. Besides open communication between neighbors and the police department, below you will find some easy ways to help protect your property from thieves.

The first and easiest way to help prevent any crime is to be vigilant around your home and your neighbors’ homes. If you see something that “just doesn’t look right,” it probably isn’t. Call the non-emergency police number (859) 258-3600 to report the suspicious behavior.

Secondly, simple things around the house can be done to prevent many of these crimes of opportunity. By making sure your garage door is shut will prevent criminals from stealing items such as tools, lawn equipment, sporting goods and food (alcohol). Many of these types of thefts occur even while the homeowner is home or in the back yard.

Also, simply leaving a porch light on as well as an interior light turned on while away from your residence can make an appearance that someone is at home. Criminals enjoy privacy, so any extra, exterior lighting along with cutting shrubbery away from windows will take away the criminals ability to gain entry into your home unnoticed.

Car break-ins, also known as Larceny From Autos (LFA’s), is a crime that occurs in every area of Lexington. Whether a car is parked on the street, a driveway or parking lot, it can be the target of a break-in by thieves. The Division of Police receives over 4,000 reports of car break-ins a year with the stolen property valued at over $2,000,000 dollars. Often, the thief commits the break-in and theft in less than a minute.

Easy ways to help prevent these types of larcenies can be simple:

  • Always lock your car after parking it.
  • Do not leave valuables in the car.
  • Do not leave keys in the car. Keys left in the car often result in the car being stolen. Every month, 40% of the cars stolen in Lexington had the keys left in the car.
  • Park your vehicles in well-lit areas.
  • Mark your car radios, other car equipment, CD’s and tools with your operator license number.
  • Lock your packages and gifts in your car’s trunk, especially during the holiday season.
  • Use heavy duty locks for tool boxes and if they are stored in pickup trucks, secure the tool boxes to the bed of the truck.
  • Be observant.
  • Notify the police if you see anyone acting in a suspicious manner such as loitering around cars or looking into cars.