Here are some answers to the most common questions asked throughout the HOA:

1. Who do I call if a streetlight goes out? 
Call Kentucky Utilities at 255-2100 or LEXCall 311 https://www.lexingtonky.gov/lexcall  (You will need the number off of the street light)

2. What are the restrictions for fences in Pinnacle? 
All fences must be approved in writing by the developer prior to construction. To download an application, Pinnacle-Exterior-Modification-Application_0.pdf

The following are some of the guidelines for fences:

  • Maximum height is six feet.
  • Only wood, brick or decorative iron is permitted.
  • Finished side of fencing must be outward.
  • Fences may not come past rear corners of the house.

3. Are basketball goals allowed in Pinnacle?
Permanent goals with glass backboards are the only approvable goals. The location of goals must be in the driveway, halfway between the house and the sidewalk, or rear of property. Goals installed rolled to or installed on the street are not permitted.

4. What if there is a barking dog in the neighborhood?
Contact Animal Control at 233-0044, Ext. 221.

5. Are outbuildings allowed in Pinnacle?
No outbuildings, tool shed, pool houses etc are permitted on any lot.

6. What type of pool is permitted in Pinnacle?
Only in-ground pools are allowed. No above ground pools are permitted. The pool must be approved in writing by the developer prior to construction.