Pool/Clubhouse Info

2017 HOA Dues Information
HOA dues payment deadline was March 31, 2017. To reactivate your pool passes or to request new pool passes, please click here to complete the online form.  Please note: pool passes will not be reactivated or issued (and access to the pool will be denied) until HOA dues are paid in full. You must complete the online form to have pool passes available for the 2017 season.

If you requested new passes, these should be mailed to you. If you do not receive them, you can pick them up at the pool on your first visit.  If you had passes in 2016, you will use those same passes in 2017 to access the pool. Only residents who are current with their HOA dues will have access to the pool. If you have any issues, please contact All Points Community Management at 859-263-7681 or info@allpointsky.com. In addition, each household will receive 10 free guest passes to use throughout the 2017 season. These are electronic and should be loaded in the system when you arrive (you will not receive physical guest passes).

Summer Swim Hours (Summer swim will start on May 27th in 2017 due to Splashpad Renovations)
The regular pool hours are Monday thru Friday 11am – 9pm, Saturday 11am – 9pm and Sunday 12pm – 8pm.

Winter Swim Hours (Winter swim is back starting 1/7/2018)
The winter pool hours are Sunday 5pm – 8pm starting 1/7/2018.  Until then the pool is closed to residents.

Due to logistical issues with the Dolphins, and getting a lifeguard to be on duty, we can not support winter open swim any earlier than 1/7.

We would like to remind everyone that the pool is contractually being rented to the Lexington Dolphins during the winter months. They are allowing us these hours as it is outside of their practice window. The tent is owned and operated by the swim team. The heater and water quality are also controlled by the Dolphins. The HOA is not responsible for any of these items during the Dolphins rental period.

To view pool and clubhouse rules and regulations, click here.

If you would like to provide input on any changes and/or suggestions for the pool, please send to lexingtonpools@gmail.com.

Pool/Clubhouse Rental Information

To download the Pinnacle pool and clubhouse rental agreement, click here.

The tastefully decorated clubhouse, features two flat panel TVs, one 75 and one 65 inch, cable and Wi-fi, is available to any Pinnacle resident for your next gathering, family reunion, graduation, birthday, anniversary, or general party rental. Clubhouse rental cost is $50 per hour and $115 for cleaning. A $350 refundable deposit must also be made. Access to the pool can be provided for any rental at the price of $25/hr for under 25 guests, or $75/hr for over 25 guests.

For rental information, agreement information and/or to make a reservation, please contact:

All Points Community Management
(formerly EMG Management Services)
141 Prosperous Place, Suite 21B
Lexington KY 40509
P: 859-263-7681

To see a Pinnacle HOA calendar with open rental dates, click here.